Tarmac Paint, Tarmacadam Paint, Tarmac Restorer imageTarmac Paint, Tarmacadam Paint, Tarmac Restorer image


Tarmaseal is an advanced tarmac paint / restorer that looks similar to readily available tarmac paints but is far more protective and durable.

Tarmac and asphalt are widely used to lay driveways and paths as well as in many commercial situations such as car parks and tennis courts. Although they are relatively inexpensive to lay compared to block paving and concrete, they do have their limitations. General wear and tear can quickly degrade the tarmac and UV rays from exposure to sunlight will eventually result in the tarmac losing some of its original colour.

The good news is that Tarmaseal tarmac paint has many benefits that ensures any tarmac, asphalt or bitumen surface can remain in optimum condition for much longer periods.

  • Improves the aesthetic appearance of an existing tarmac surface.
  • Cost effective alternative to surface replacement
  • Eco friendly water based acrylic product.
  • Easy to apply by roller
  • Quick drying
  • Filters out damaging UV rays from sunlight
  • Hard wearing and flexible
  • Will 'mask' tarmac repair patches to create uniformity
  • Re-coating can be done whenever necessary
  • Covers and hides stains from cement, grease and oil on tarmac
  • Facilitates easier maintenance
  • Reduces surface 'break up' (fretting)
  • Prolongs lifespan of tarmac and asphalt
  • Makes the tarmac water and frost resistant
  • Helps prevent moss, algae and fungal growth.
  • Available in black, red or green to match existing colouring.

Tarmaseal may look like a tarmac paint but it does much more. Whereas cheap tarmac paints can be found in most hardware stores and do little more than change the colour of the existing tarmac, Tarmaseal replaces any lost resins and polymers to create a very hard wearing surface that can stand up to the rigours of constant use. Tarmaseal is formulated for use on driveways, car parks, footpaths, cycle lanes, tennis courts and any other tarmac or asphalt surfaces.